Make Moving Fun with a Fall-Themed Packing Party

Students in autumn park

For most of us, packing an apartment or house is a necessary evil, but there’s a way to make it a lot more fun; it’s called a packing party, and having one can also cut down on how long packing takes. If you’re moving soon, we’ll show you how to throw a packing party that everyone will “fall” for.

Why Have a Packing Party?

Your packing party is more than just packing; it’s also a wonderful way to bring good friends and family together and include them in a life event that is important to you.

When you turn this chore into something fun, it won’t seem like work. Plus, the more people who are present to help you pack, the less time it will take (leaving you more time to celebrate!), and the less overwhelmed you’ll feel.

How to Throw a Fall Moving Party

Happy female friends moving into new apartment

If you’re going to throw a fall packing party, there are some crucial elements to include.

Invitations – Letting people know about your packing party is the first thing to do. Evites with fall images and colors will save you time and provide fall fun. Send your moving party invitations as soon as you know you’ll be starting to pack (two or more weeks prior) to give everyone lots of time to respond.

Decorations – Plan to decorate the space you’ll be packing in. It is a party, after all! The key here is to make a big impact with smaller elements that won’t take a lot of time to put up or take down, such as balloons and streamers in fall colors, a fall-themed tablecloth, or hanging acorn and pumpkin decorations.

Food and drink – You’ll have to decide what your guests will be eating and drinking at your moving party. Whether you’re serving the food or it’s a potluck, include fall favorites like hot apple cider; pumpkin and pecan desserts; and stews, chili, and pasta dishes on your menu. Don’t forget snacks and necessary kitchen utensils!

Autumn ambiance – Bring the beauty of fall indoors with autumn scents like vanilla, sandalwood, cinnamon, and citrus essential oils or candles. Place one or two drops of one oil, or combine several to put into a diffuser. Or simmer a pot of orange and lemon slices, cinnamon sticks, and water for a steady stream of fragrance. Don’t forget fun and exciting music to keep the party going!

Essential Supplies

Make sure there are sufficient supplies for all packing party attendees. A quick supply list can include items like:

  • Packing and regular tape
  • Bubble wrap, newspaper, and/or brown wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard boxes or plastic bins
  • Stick-on labels or markers to mark box and bin contents

Make instruction notes on wrapping, where you want boxes stacked, and where to pile items that will be donated and sold. Once it’s all done, thank attendees for all their help.

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