Unpacking: Organization Tips for Settling In

Moving into New Home: Empty Apartment Filled with Boxes and Furniture.

After all of the work of packing and relocating, the thought of how to unpack after moving would make anyone cringe. When you treat unpacking as an art form, you can enjoy the experience. Here’s how prioritizing, creating systems, and maximizing space can eliminate stress when it’s time to unpack.

Identify Priority Items

There are certain items that will need attention right away when you start unpacking.

Tackling the kitchen and bathroom first will be a definite must after a long moving day. Unpack bathroom essentials like the shower curtain, toilet paper, and grooming items, along with kitchen items like dishes, pots, coffee, and food. Having one or more changes of clothing will also help make the first few days after moving more bearable.

If you have pets, children, or elderly family members, essential items to unpack will include food, favorite snacks, medications, and other items that will make everyone more comfortable.

Ideally, priority items should be packed in one essentials box or loaded into your moving vehicle as close to one another as possible so that they can be unpacked together.

Create a Framework for Efficiency

Having one or more systems in place for unpacking can make it far easier to organize your belongings.

Assign a color to each room and use tape or a marker to color a corner of each box. Another effective method is to do one room, or zone, at a time.

A checklist can be a valuable (and satisfying) tool, providing you with a roadmap for unpacking that helps you stay on track. Once your boxes have been delivered to their zones and unpacked, checking them off on a physical list will provide visual confirmation that the job is indeed getting done.

Maximizing Your Space While Unpacking

Looking at clutter can increase stress, which is the last thing you need when you’re unpacking!

Getting your boxes off the floor and up against walls or under beds will help you control move-in clutter and eliminate the frustration of having to navigate an obstacle course as you’re trying to settle in.

Boxes can also be placed in rooms that won’t be used right away, such as the dining room or living room. Another great way to get rid of move-in clutter is to identify those things that you no longer need, or that otherwise won’t be a good fit in your new home. Toss unwanted items into a donation box as you unpack and multitask as you declutter.

Trying These Pro Tips for a Seamless Unpacking Process

Packing priority items together will save you a lot of time when you arrive at your new home. It’s a good idea to unpack the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms first. Packing all medications in bubble wrap will ensure everything will be unbroken when your family members need them.

Color coding boxes according to person or room and creating a checklist for the unpacking of one room at a time will help you settle in far more quickly.

If your children and other family members are living with you, getting them to unpack and arrange their rooms can help make the job of unpacking easier overall.

Eventually, even the most energetic unpacker will need to take a break. Consider priority furniture pieces and bedding items, and unpack these as soon as possible.

Taking advantage of vertical storage will help you maximize your space and eliminate clutter.

Remember that unpacking is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. Make it a priority to unpack moving boxes according to rooms or zones so that unpacking doesn’t become a dreaded chore.

Moving boxes on floor in a bright light room

Make Your Moving Experience an Enjoyable One

Prioritizing items, having a system, and making the most of underutilized space can ensure you don’t waste time while unpacking and help you make the transition into your new home smoother and far more enjoyable.

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