9 Things to Know Before Moving to the Bronx

9 little known facts about living in the bronx

Considering relocating to the Bronx? Before you make the transition, check out our nine key facts that will help you decide if the Bronx is right for you. With Manhattan’s housing prices topping out at some of the most expensive in the country, and Brooklyn following closely behind, many savvy folks are considering moving to the Bronx – and for good reason. 

Although the Bronx is NYC’s most northern borough, the city’s extensive web of subway stations and lines allow for fairly easy commutes into Manhattan. Crammed with culture and history, Bronx neighborhoods are populated with esoteric music venues, cool cafes, hip coffeehouses, and absolutely awesome street food. And what about those low housing prices?! Here’s what else you should know before moving here:

1. It’s Home to The Yankees

Over time, a number of baseball teams have made a name for themselves, but the Yankees seem to be the most iconic when the word ‘baseball’ comes to mind. After all, slugger Babe Ruth was so integral to the Yankees’ fame and reputation that when the original stadium was built in 1923, it was dubbed Ruth Stadium. 

In 2009, the original Yankee Stadium was replaced with a $2.3 billion stadium that covers 24 acres. If you’re a baseball fan, living in the Bronx will not only put you in Yankee Stadium’s backyard, but will allow you to relish the excitement and pride of Yankee team spirit.

2. It’s Big on Diversity

The Bronx is considered to be one of the most diverse and densely populated counties in the United States. With only about 42 square miles of land and approximately 1,472,654 residents, there are about 33,000 residents per square mile. Of those, 55% are Hispanic, 29% are African American, 9% are White, and 5% are Asian. The remaining 2% are of other ethnicities. An impressive 34% of residents were foreigh-born. According to the United States Census, only 20% of housing is owner-occupied, so you’ll be in good company if you choose to rent.

3. It’s Home to Legendary Residents

The list of Bronx legends is long and impressive. People in the know and people who are well-known have long called the Bronx home. Edgar Allen Poe’s cottage is now a popular museum. When he was a child, President John F. Kennedy lived in the Bronx during the 1920’s.

A few other famous Bronx residents who have significantly helped shape our nation’s culture include actresses Anne Bancroft and Jennifer Lopez, actors Woody Allen and Alan Alda, designers Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, Hall of Famers Lou Gehrig and Hank Greenberg, writers James Baldwin and E.L. Doctorow, activists Stokely Carmichael and Majora Carter, academics  W.E.B. Du Bois and Neil deGrasse, directors Rob Reiner and Stankley Kubrick, and musicians Mary J. Blige and Stan Getz. And speaking of music, the Bronx is where hip-hop was born. 

4. It Features a 250-Acre Wonderland of Plants

Love nature but think you won’t find it in the Bronx? Be happily surprised that the Bronx New York Botanical Garden contains over one million plants from all over the world. You can wander through 50 outdoor exhibits or investigate the wonders of the conservatory plants. The Bronx NYBG is one of the nation’s leading botanical centers.

5. It’s Home to Everything from Anteaters to Zebras

Did you know that the country’s largest metropolitan zoo is located in the Bronx? Established in 1899, the zoo is now home to over 4,000 animals and is world famous for its award-winning animal exhibits and conservation work.

6. It Also Boasts the Nation’s Largest Housing Complex

Since the Bronx has the country’s largest metro zoo, it only stands to reason that it should also boast the nation’s largest human housing complex. Although Co-Op City has 35 apartment towers (that rise 33 stories each), the complex is known for its abundance of open space. Apartments have view balconies and townhomes are surrounded by compact yards. 

Convenience abounds: Your kids don’t need to leave the complex for schooling – in addition to daycare centers and preschools, there are public elementary, middle, and high schools. Office space is populated by lawyers, doctors, dentists, and other professionals. Three shopping centers provide every kind of grocery and convenience item you could need.

7. It Has NYC’s Largest Park

Most people think that Manhattan’s Central Park is the largest greenspace in NYC. But the Bronx Pelham Bay Park is over three times the area of Central Park. What isn’t there to do in Pelham Bay Park? From birdwatching in the park’s wildlife sanctuary to cantering along the manicured bridal paths, any sports or nature lover will find their niche here. Hiking trails, shoreline walks, bike paths, golf courses, playgrounds and picnic areas – you’ll find your groove in PBP.

8. Its Urban Staircase is Impressive

You won’t need a gym membership if you live near West 230th Street or Riverdale and Irwin Avenues. An urban staircase connects four avenues and is as long as three city blocks. Every morning in all seasons, you can join other Bronxites who walk, run, skip, and stroll the stairs. Focus on some true cardio pumping as the stairs run steeply up to Netherland Avenue.

9. It’s A Heck of a Lot Cheaper Than Manhattan

The cost of living is 41% less expensive in the Bronx than in Manhattan. According to bestplaces.net, housing costs in the Bronx are 65% cheaper than in Manhattan. While the median home cost in Manhattan runs $1,144,100, the median home cost in the Bronx is $456,700. Rent for a two-bedroom home or apartment in Manhattan runs $2,786 while the same size rental in the Bronx averages $2,079.


Who would have guessed that one of the most diverse, most densely populated counties in the nation would also boast the largest park in NYC, the nations’ largest metropolitan zoo, and the country’s largest housing complex? The Bronx certainly is a study in contrasts. 

But the bottom line is that the Bronx is conveniently located to Manhattan, offers fairly decent commutes, significantly cheaper housing prices than other boroughs, and has a rich history that backs a hip and happening cultural scene. If you’re ready to move to the Bronx, Samba Moving can get you there. Our Bronx movers are highly experienced and will happily help you with a worry-free relocation. 

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