How Far in Advance Should You Book Movers in NYC?

how far in advance should i hire movers in nyc?

If you’re relocating in the Big Apple, your move can be very different from any other city in the country. For starters, moving in and out of walk-up apartments is a real challenge. And you sure don’t want to move during the NYC marathon or other heavy-traffic days. Like so many things in life, timing matters. The bottom line is that when you book early, you’ll have a better chance of hiring a highly-rated NYC mover at an affordable price – plus you’ll have a smoother, less stressful move.

How Soon Should You Book Movers in NYC?

As soon as you know you’ll be moving, booking a mover should be number 1 on your list of things to do. Moves are demanding and you’ll be busier than usual so don’t wait to schedule your mover.

For Local Moves in NYC

The following will help you decide on the best time to schedule your local NYC move:

  • The Busiest Local Moving Season: The warmer months – from early May through the end of September – are the busiest times for NYC moving companies. If you have to move during that time, try to book at least two months in advance.
  • The Busiest Time of Month to Move in NYC: Because renters are trying to transition from one lease to another, the last week of each month is the busiest time for NYC movers.
  • The Busiest Time of the Week to Move in NYC: Although it may seem more convenient to move on a weekend or holiday so you don’t have to take time off from work, try to move between Monday through Thursday to save on moving costs. Also, you’ll have more luck booking a quality moving company.

For Long Distance Moves To or From NYC

If you try to reserve a long distance moving company in under two months, your choices will be limited and you’ll pay more as demand increases.

  • The Busiest Long Distance Moving Season: For a number of reasons, long distance movers are busiest during the warmer months – from May through September. For one, families prefer to move during the summer so their kids don’t have to change schools in the middle of the school year. Plus, many people simply don’t want to move during cold winter months when they may have to battle winter storms and freezing temperatures. Book at least two months in advance when moving during the busy season.
  • The Advantages of Moving Out of Season To or From NYC: Out-of-season moves can cost less due to lower demand. An out-of-season move gives you more flexibility with dates and available moving services.

Commercial and Office Moves in NYC

Since NYC is a world center of commerce and business, commercial moves are always in high demand. To obtain competitive pricing and optimum scheduling, book as far in advance as possible for your commercial move.

Depending on the size of your office, a commercial move can take anywhere from 3 to 12 months to complete. Of course you want your business up and running as soon as possible, so booking with a reputable mover who has experience in the specific challenges of a commercial move is critically important. 

An experienced NYC office mover will provide a project manager to handle the logistics so you can continue to focus on your business. Among the many services, a project manager can assist your employees with the transition, help manage the disassembly and reassembly of your IT equipment, help reinstate your old office to lease requirements, and arrange for contractors to customize your new office space according to your needs. 


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