Facts to Know Before Moving to Hawaii

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Moving from New York to Hawaii

Aloha, New Yorkers! Are you ready to trade the city that never sleeps for island life? Swapping skyscrapers for swaying palms, and snow for sand might seem like a monumental leap, but the charm of Hawaii can make it a dream come true. Embrace the warmth of aloha spirit, while your subway tokens transform into surf lessons. Don’t fret about the daunting task of such a move, Samba Moving is here to carry you across the Pacific with our exceptional long distance moving services from New York to Hawaii. Let the adventure begin!

What to Know Before Moving to Hawaii from New York

Aloha, New Yorkers! Are you ready for the island life? Have you been romanced by the postcards of lush green mountains, sparkling blue ocean, and the promise of that never-ending beach party? Well, let us assure you, they’re all true. But there are a few surprises (good and bad) when it comes to moving from The Big Apple to The Aloha State. Here’s a list of six things New Yorkers should know before packing up and moving to Hawaii.

1. The Weather Is Perfect…But You Might Miss the Seasons

We all know that the weather in New York City can be intense – from sweltering hot summers to frostbitten winters, you’re never truly comfortable in your own skin. But in Hawaii, the weather is absolutely perfect…like, all the time.

However, don’t be too quick to throw out your winter jackets, because it’s not uncommon for newcomers to actually start missing the changing seasons. You know, that “real” autumn feel with orange leaves and apple cider, or even (dare we say it) snow days. All this eternally pleasant weather can begin to feel monotonous after a while!

2. Expect a Major Shift in Pace

Say goodbye to the fast-paced hustle and bustle of New York City! Hawaii operates on its own time – the aptly named “Hawaiian Time,” meaning everything moves a tad bit slower. This shift in pace takes some getting used to, especially when it comes to waiting in line or for public transit. However, you just might find yourself embracing this more laid-back lifestyle, trading your road rage for endless “shakas” (you know, that hang-loose hand gesture).

3. The Food Scene Is Like No Other

Think you’ve experienced all the incredible food that New York has to offer? Not so fast, my friend. The food in Hawaii is seriously something else! Not only do they have world-class fresh seafood, but they also boast dishes like poke bowls, loco moco, and malasadas (prepare yourself for a newfound love of these Portuguese donuts). But most importantly… did we mention shave ice? Trust us, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried a rainbow shave ice topped with condensed milk.

4. Aloha Fashion Rules – Casual Dress Codes Everywhere

Your little black dress and designer stilettos? Perfect for a Manhattan evening. In Hawaii? Not so much. Island life means casual dress absolutely everywhere, whether you’re grabbing a bite to eat or attending a beach wedding. Flip-flops and sandals rule the concrete jungle now, and you’ll find yourself wearing a lot more colorful island attire, possibly even a lei or two.

5. The Menehune (aka Hawaiian Leprechauns) Secretly Rule the Islands

Did you know that Hawaii has its own version of the leprechaun? The Menehune are mythical dwarf-like creatures that possess magical powers and were believed to roam the Hawaiian islands long before Polynesians arrived. They are indirectly blamed for all those frustrating quirks of island life, like when your shoes mysteriously go missing. So remember to keep your wits about you and always pay your respects to the Menehune.

6. Rock Fever Is Real

Although island life sounds like the dream, it’s important to be aware of “Rock Fever.” It’s that inevitable feeling of restlessness and longing for the mainland that comes with living on an isolated island surrounded by the ocean. Pace yourself: don’t go too island-crazy too quickly. Keep up with hobbies, maintain connections with friends back in New York, and explore the other Hawaiian Islands to keep you satisfied and culturally enriched.

Moving to Hawaii from New York will undoubtedly have its ups and downs, but with a little preparation and an open mind, you’ll be saying “Aloha ‘Oe” (goodbye) to the Big Apple and “Aloha” (hello) to paradise in no time!

Cost of Moving from NY to HI

The average cost of moving from New York to Hawaii is around $9,000-$12,000. However, the actual cost can greatly vary depending on several factors that contribute to the overall expenses. Some of these factors include:

  • Time of year: Moving costs tend to be higher during the peak season, which is from May through September when there is high demand for moving services.
  • Scope of moving services: If you choose full-service moving, which includes packing, loading, transportation, and unpacking of your belongings, your moving cost will be higher than if you select only some specific services or do part of the job yourself.
  • Size of move: The more items you have to move and the larger their size, the higher the cost of the move will be. This is because more resources, such as manpower and truck space, are needed.
  • Distance of move: The cost of moving is also determined by the distance between your current place in New York and your new home in Hawaii. The further the distance, the more fuel and driver costs are incurred.

To ensure that you get the best possible price and service for your upcoming move from New York to Hawaii, request a free interstate moving quote from the professionals at Samba Moving, a NYC-based moving company. Don’t leave anything to chance; let Samba Moving help make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Hire Professional Movers for Your New York to Hawaii Move

When planning a move from New York to Hawaii, it’s important to choose a professional interstate moving company, like Samba Moving, to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience. Samba Moving provides top-notch services, understanding the complexities of moving across states and tackling the unique challenges that come with relocating to an island state like Hawaii. As a licensed and insured professional mover, Samba Moving offers its customers peace of mind in knowing that their belongings are in the hands of experienced and trained professionals who are equipped to handle interstate moves securely and efficiently.

The team at Samba Moving is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, beginning with a comprehensive moving estimate based on the specific needs of each client. By offering services such as packing, loading, transportation, and unpacking, Samba Moving ensures that your move is customized to your preferences, preferences, making the long journey from New York to Hawaii an enjoyable and hassle-free experience. Additionally, our climate-controlled storage facilities can help ease the transition by providing a safe and secure place for your belongings, if needed.

Choosing Samba Moving as your professional interstate moving service means you can trust that our team will treat your possessions with respect and care, guaranteeing that they arrive in Hawaii in the same condition as they were packed in New York. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail set Samba Moving apart from the competition, making your move from New York to Hawaii a smooth and worry-free adventure.

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