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Trust Samba Moving to pack your belongings as carefully as we would our own.

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NYC’s Premier Full Service Moving Company

Moving is difficult and time-consuming. Not only are you rearranging your entire life, but you’re often on a tight schedule to vacate one home and move to another. Why not let the professional movers at Samba Moving, NYC’s premier full-service moving company, make your life easier by handling your move from start to finish? Our highly-trained movers and packers are experts in carefully boxing up all types of items, especially fragile, valuable pieces. And they can quickly disassemble furniture, saving you the heavy lifting. Best of all? They unpack everything at the other end and place it where it needs to go.

Movers & Packers with Heart

Professional packers take the stress out of your relocation by packing your belongings for you in just a fraction of the time it would take to do it yourself. Following is an itemized list of the packing services we provide.

Entire Home Complete Packing

If you are short on time and help and have an entire house to pack, consider having Samba Moving do the packing for you. Our professional crew will arrive with all the equipment required to pack everything you own.

Partial Packing

Perhaps you’re living in a studio apartment or have a few items that need moving. Samba Moving is happy to pack up single rooms or even single items as needed.

Premium Packing Materials

Your possessions are valuable to you and need to be protected from damage during your move. We will arrive with premium packing materials to box, stretch-wrap, and pad your items so they arrive in the same condition as when they left.

Disassembly and Reassembly of Furniture

Large items in your home will need to be disassembled to move them safely to their new location. Our crews will disassemble your furniture, making sure to carefully tag all the parts and keep them together. Then, they’ll reassemble and place everything for you at your new home.

House Cleaning

Did the previous residents of your new home leave the place in less than stellar condition? Or does your lease require professional cleaning to get your deposit back? Our teams can prep your new house for you before the shipment arrives, ensuring your items are unloaded in a sparkling clean environment. We can also help clean your old place, so you get your deposit back!


Once your belongings are packed, you have no way of knowing where they are unless boxes are properly labeled. Samba Moving is fastidious about labeling and inventorying every item so you can easily find it on the other end of your move.

Custom Crating

Have an odd-shaped object, or a delicate work of art that doesn’t fit in a regular box? We are happy to provide custom crating services for any item as needed.


One of the best parts of full-service moves is that we’ll handle the unpacking for you, emptying boxes, unwrapping furniture, and placing everything where you want it to go.

Trash Removal

Once your move is complete, invariably you’re left with a ton of empty boxes and piles of wrapping materials. Samba Moving will remove all the debris for you and dispose of it at an environmentally responsible dumpsite.

Reasons to Trust Samba Moving with Your Packing Needs

Customer Focused

We’ve heard clients’ horror stories about experiences with other moving companies, and our singular goal is to guarantee they never have to endure that kind of heartache again. Samba Moving puts its heart and soul into every move, every time, to ensure our customers’ happiness.

Fleet to Accommodate Any Size Move

Clients have all kinds of needs and we have exactly the right type of equipment to handle them. We own a fleet of well-maintained trailers, box trucks, and vans which are perfect to accommodate any size move.

Licensed, Insured & Bonded

You can rest assured that your valuables are protected when you move with us. Samba Moving is a fully licensed, insured, and bonded NYC moving company that is covered for any and all eventualities.

Competitive & Transparent Pricing

Like most moving companies, we charge by cubic feet or volume and mileage, but unlike the others, we are completely transparent about our pricing, charging the flat rate we originally quoted with no hidden fees.

Experienced & Trained

When it comes time to move, the last thing you want is a newbie on the job. All Samba Moving employees are experienced movers who have been fully trained to handle any scenario with ease and comfort.

Friendly & Professional

Our employees are also a joy to work with. They are friendly, professional and, above all, love what they do.

Background Checked

Before they can join our ranks, employees must be completely background checked and vaccinated. We are like family at Heart, and it’s important to us that staff and customers feel safe at all times.


Your home is all packed and you’re ready to go, but where are the movers? You’ll never have that problem with Samba Moving as we are fastidious about showing up on time and starting as soon as we arrive.

Handled with Care

And finally, you know you’re in good hands with Samba Moving because your move is important to us. We do everything in our power to avoid the problems we see happening with other moving companies every day. We truly are a New York City moving company with heart.

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