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NYC’s Best Piano Movers

Getting a piano into or out of a New York City apartment may be a challenge for you, but not for the expert piano moving team at Samba Moving. No matter the type of piano—from uprights and spinets to consoles and grands—we have the experience and professional equipment to move your beloved instrument out of one place and into your new home, safely and securely. Regardless of whether you’re moving across town or across the country, we take meticulous care to wrap the piano so that it sustains no harm. Depending on the model, we’ll remove the lid, legs, and lyre, as necessary, and then pad the body to avoid dings. Once the piano’s on the truck, we’ll secure it with straps to prevent movement during transit. And after its journey, we make sure it is reassembled and placed wherever you desire so you’re back to playing in no time.

Professional Piano Moving Services with Heart

Samba Moving knows piano moving by heart and there’s nobody in the New York City area that can make you feel safer moving your prized instrument than our pros. Following are just some of the piano moving services we offer:

Local Piano Moves

Samba Moving handles local piano moves in and around New York City and the Tri-State area. Whether you’re relocating the smallest of uprights or a 1000-lb concert grand, our teams take the utmost care to dismantle delicate parts, wrap and pad the piano, load it onto the truck and transport it smoothly.

Long-Distance Piano Moves

Moving a piano long-distance involves more elaborate planning. Our movers will examine your instrument beforehand and establish the size of the truck and crew needed, depending on the type and weight of the piano. They’ll look at the configurations of your current home to determine the specific equipment that’s needed both to wrap and carefully maneuver the piano out the front door and then outline a step-by-step moving plan to ensure your comfort.

Cross-Country Piano Moves

Cross-country moves often involve significant changes in climate (i.e. from the cold of NYC to the warmth of California). Additionally, dryness and humidity cause wood to expand and contract, potentially causing cracks and a change in sound. Not only will we wrap the piano for safe transport, but we’ll also ensure it’s shipped in a climate-controlled vehicle that provides a steady, cool temperature throughout the piano’s journey.

Uprights, Studio Pianos, and Spinets

Smaller pianos, like uprights, studio pianos, and spinets, are a little easier to transport than their larger cousins. Even though they’re typically heavy and bulky, uprights are fairly compact and fit in easily as part of a larger load.

Baby Grands and Concert Grand Pianos

Grand pianos have a larger soundboard, longer strings, and special machinery that isn’t a part of smaller pianos. This is why they sound so magnificent when played, and why they require meticulous handling when being shipped. Heart’s piano movers will remove the lid, lyre, and legs, place the piano on its side, secure the keyboard and wrap everything individually. Then, they’ll place the wrapped body on a special dolly and strap it into place on the truck. Once it arrives, the piano will be reassembled and carefully placed in its new location.

Antique Pianos

Antique pianos are especially delicate, so they require even more attention and care than more recent models. They’ll be wrapped and padded with extra love so nothing is damaged along the way.

Dismantling and Wrapping Pianos

Did you know that the average piano has up to 10,000 parts? Our piano moving crews are specially trained in how to dismantle every type of piano, properly label the pieces, wrap each part, and then reassemble it all at your new destination.


If you find yourself needing to store your piano for a while, our facilities are properly equipped to protect your expensive asset. Our storage units are climate and humidity-controlled, preventing warping and cracking of the wood. The instrument will be kept upright and intact, wrapped in padding and plastic to ensure its safety.

Reasons to Trust Your Piano Move to Samba Moving

Experienced & Trained

A piano is an expensive investment and requires an experienced, well-trained team to move it correctly. Samba Moving has been handling piano moves for more than a decade and understands the subtleties and nuances of transporting each type. Whether yours is a family upright or performance quality baby grand, you can trust that it’s in expert hands.

White-Glove Care

Your instrument is your pride and joy, and we promise to treat it with the love and respect it deserves. With our white glove treatment, your piano will be moved with care and dedication so that it arrives unscathed and in fine form.

Competitive & Transparent Pricing

Samba Moving offers competitive 100% transparent pricing, 100% of the time. Call us today for a free estimate on moving your piano from NYC to its new home.

Proper Equipment

Piano moves require specialized equipment like wide base piano dollies, padding, floor protection, ramps, lift gates, and more. Trust Samba Moving’s professional crews to know how to handle your piano moving needs properly.

Top Quality Materials

The quality of the materials makes all the difference in transporting a delicate piece of machinery like a piano. Use cheap, thin blankets for packing and padding, and you won’t have adequate protection. At Samba Moving, we never skimp on materials, ensuring your prized possession always arrives in the same condition in which it left.

Custom Crating

Some pianos, like antiques, require extra protection during a move. Samba Moving specializes in building custom crating to protect even the most fragile, unusually-shaped pieces.

Licensed, Insured & Bonded

Know that your piano is in good hands with Samba Moving. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to cover any unforeseen damages that could potentially occur along the way.

Friendly & Professional

Not only are our crews specialists in what they do, but they’re also friendly and professional at all times making your move that much more pleasant.

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