White Glove Moving in New York

Does your move require special treatment? Trust Samba Moving for all your white glove moving needs in NYC and beyond.

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Luxury, VIP Treatment for Your Move

The term “white glove treatment” comes from the days when butlers in white gloves treated valuables with the utmost care. And that’s exactly what we do at Samba Moving; NYC’s premier white-glove moving service for customers who want a hands-off, stress-free moving experience. Our highly-trained, specialized staff go the extra mile to relocate your luxury goods with care and precision, ensuring they arrive in pristine condition. We will carefully pad, pack and crate your valuables, and then move them in our specially-equipped air-ride vehicles. Once they’ve arrived, we will unpack your items and place them for you.

NYC’s Finest White Glove Moving & Storage Services

You’ve worked hard to have nice things and when it comes time to move them, you want to hire an NYC moving company that cares for your belongings just as you would. That’s where Samba Moving’s white glove services come in!

Fine Art Moving

The fine art team at Samba Moving is specially trained in moving artwork, such as paintings and sculptures, safely and securely. No matter the size, shape, or dimensions of pieces, we have the expertise to safely transport your valued items to their new home.


Antiques are particularly delicate due to their age. Samba Moving safely wraps each piece, secures corners, adds cushioning and boxes (or crates) items.


Pianos are heavy and expensive, and as such, need to be moved by experts who can not only handle the heavy lifting but know how to disassemble and pack a piano professionally. Samba Moving has the expertise to move even the finest of concert pianos without causing a scratch to the piano or your walls.

TVs and Technology

Putting together home wifi and entertainment system is time-consuming and complicated, so you’ll want movers who understand how to carefully pack and label the various components and then put them back together again at the other end.

Wine Collections

To retain its taste and value, wine needs to be stored and moved properly. Samba Moving will pack your wine collection on its side (to keep the corks wet) and transport it at 55° in temperature-controlled trucks with air suspension.

Full-Service Packing & Unpacking

Your time is valuable and moving takes a lot of time. Why not have Samba Moving do all the packing and unpacking for you, saving the hassle and aggravation of doing it yourself?

Custom Crating

Over the last decade, Samba Moving has perfected the art of designing and creating custom crates that safely protect all kinds of specialty items during the shipping process.

Furniture Disassembly & Reassembly

With our white-glove service, our expert crew properly disassembles large, heavy furniture, labels all of the pieces, and loads the furniture. Then, they reassemble pieces at the other end, placing them exactly where you’d like in your new home.

Short- and Long-Term Storage

Short-term storage typically involves the storage of items you won’t need for three months, while long-term entails storage of three months or longer. Samba Moving provides local storage in New York City for all durations, depending on your specific needs.

Personal Project Manager

Every Samba Moving white-glove move comes with your own personal project manager who helps you plan out the move in advance, oversees the process, and ensures everything is to your satisfaction.

Cleaning Services

Whether your old place needs a good scrub, or you need to prep your new home before move-in, Heart’s professional cleaning crew can take care of all the cleaning for you.

Utility Installation

One of the top to-dos on any moving list is installing utilities in your new home. Our white-glove service can even handle that for you in advance, making your move as simple and seamless as can be.

Choose Samba Moving’s White Glove Service for the Ultimate Relocation Experience

Customer Focused

With Samba Moving’s white-glove service, the focus is completely on you. Not only will you have the serenity of knowing your possessions are being handled with care, but you’ll also enjoy the personal touch this customer-focused service provides.

Licensed, Insured & Bonded

In addition, you’ll relax knowing your valuables are fully protected. We are a fully licensed and bonded NYC moving company with comprehensive insurance coverage, guaranteed to cover any eventualities.

Experienced & Trained

Samba Moving’s crews are some of the most experienced, well-trained movers you’ll ever come across in New York City. They have encountered every type of situation and have the knowledge to handle any circumstances.

Friendly & Professional

In addition to being well-trained, our staff is friendly and fun. They enjoy their jobs and are good at them. This confidence is self-evident in everything they do, from the first call to unpacking the last box.

Background Checked

We want you to always feel safe, so we make sure new employees are background-checked and show proof of vaccination. And we make it a practice not to hire floaters or part-timers. Everyone at Heart is full-time and invested in the company’s success.


Part of stellar customer service is showing up on time, every time. Our teams are always punctual and if they’re going to be late, they will always let you know.

Handled with Care

And finally, white-glove service is all about providing safety and peace of mind during a hectic, stressful time. At Samba Moving, it breaks our heart to make anyone dissatisfied, so rest assured we will handle you, and your move, with the best of care…cross our hearts!


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