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Commercial moves require commercial movers. Trust the pros at Samba for your commercial relocation needs in NYC.

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Commercial Movers NYC

Whether you’re running a small start-up or a corporation, the time may come when you want to move your business to a new space. To ensure your office relocation happens with minimum disruption, rely upon Samba Moving to make the transition as smooth and easy as possible. We offer commercial moving services in New York City and cross-country to and from NYC. Our veteran team of movers will work around your schedule to effectively pack and transport the contents of your facility, including office equipment, furniture, computer systems, merchandise, and files. Your assets can be warehoused during the move, if necessary, in our climate-controlled storage facilities which feature on-site surveillance as well as theft and fire protection. And we can get you settled into your new location quickly, even working weekends and off-hours to make sure we don’t interrupt your workflow. You’ll be back up and running so fast, you’ll barely notice the move!

Office Moving Services You Can Rely On

Samba Moving is one of the top-rated local and interstate commercial moving companies in the New York City area. Our experienced team of office relocation experts has the resources and experience to handle commercial moves of all types and sizes.

Local Moves

Whether you need to move a few pieces of office furniture across town or relocate your whole office, our commercial NYC movers can handle your entire move from beginning to end. We make the process simple and straightforward so you can maintain your workflow. No matter where you’re going, to another borough or elsewhere in the Tri-State area, we’ll make sure that you experience no unnecessary downtime or disruptions to your business.

Long Distance Moves

If you’re setting up headquarters in another state, you can count on Samba Moving to get you there. Our professional movers work quickly and efficiently and can complete interstate moves in record time. You can trust our pros to handle the contents of your office with the utmost care, and we are fully licensed and insured to protect every one of your company’s assets.

Full-Service Packing & Unpacking

We provide full-service packing and unpacking so your staff doesn’t have to lift a finger. Our coordinators will arrange to arrive at a time that doesn’t interfere with business operations to pack your equipment, furniture, and files for transport, and then place everything in your new location before your employees arrive for work.

Labeling and Inventory

There’s nothing more frustrating than receiving a pile of boxes that all look alike with no indication of their contents. Samba Moving makes sure to label and inventory every item we pack, keeping wires with their computers, and furniture parts with their screws. If we’re unpacking for you, we’ll know where everything goes at the other end and if you’re doing the work, you’ll have a complete inventory to reference.

Dismantling and Reassembling

Office furniture is often large and clunky with U-shaped desks and oddly-proportioned cubicles. Our expert team will completely dismantle and pack all office furniture and workstations for transport, setting each piece back up for immediate usage on the other end. Our crew aims to exceed your expectations by having your office furniture ready for employees to return to work as quickly as possible.

Technology Systems

Computer networks are complex, so our moving managers will coordinate closely with you to ensure a seamless transition and minimum downtime. Our move coordinators will work closely with your IT department well in advance to create a detailed moving plan which outlines exactly how the technology systems will be organized and installed at the new destination.

Specialty Equipment

Many businesses employ sophisticated, expensive specialty equipment as part of their day-to-day operations. Our experienced movers are well-versed in handling all types of special equipment (such as medical equipment) and machinery, and we know how to prepare it all for safe transport.

Corporate Relocations

Your employees are the heart of your business, and Samba Moving can make their relocation easier by providing full-service moving amenities. Whether they need help packing, transporting items quickly, or storing their stuff, we are here to help!

Samba Moving’s Commercial Moving Process

With a decade of experience under our belts, Samba Moving has developed systems that make moving with us safe and easy. We are equally at home with small or large, local or long-distance commercial moves because our failsafe process allows us to meet and exceed clients’ expectations. Following are the steps we take to plan and execute commercial moves.

  1. Request a Free Quote: When you contact Samba Moving, you’ll speak to a friendly, knowledgeable salesperson based in NYC who understands what a commercial move entails. They will listen to all the details of your situation and provide you with a free quote.
  2. Schedule an In-Person or Virtual Walkthrough: Next, we’ll schedule an in-person or virtual walkthrough with your personal move coordinator to get a more accurate assessment of costs and a realistic timeline for your move. Every office and business is different so we like to get a feel for your personalized moving requirements before providing a final, detailed quote.
  3. Coordinate with Consultant: Your move consultant is here to listen to all of your concerns and priorities, work with you to design a blueprint for your move, and layout a plan to get your business back up and running as soon as possible. Most businesses are worried about disruption to workflow, so we’ll figure out how to schedule the packing and moving for off-hours to avoid downtime.
  4. Packing & Labeling: Successful commercial moves are all about the details, and luckily, so are we! Samba Moving will arrive on time, equipped with all the necessary supplies including boxes, labels, and bins for files and smaller items. Our experienced team will work to disassemble and wrap all furniture, making sure the parts are properly labeled for reassembly in your new location. We’ll also create a detailed inventory of every single item so you can match it against the delivered items at the other end.
  5. Moving: Once everything is packed and ready to go, our friendly, professional movers will get to work. They’ll carefully load your office equipment and boxes onto the appropriate truck for your needs. Following the blueprint you created with your move consultant, the team will be well-organized and efficient, ensuring that downtime is minimal.
  6. Unboxing & Reassembly: Once the truck has arrived at your new location, our movers will unpack all the boxes and reassemble the furniture. They’ll work with you to ensure everything is placed exactly where you want it. Your employees will be back to work in no time at all!

Reasons to Entrust Your Office Move to Samba Moving

Personal Move Consultant

Clients love Samba Moving because we really are a company with heart. We make sure every commercial client has a personal move consultant assigned to plan and coordinate every aspect of their move, ensuring their satisfaction each step of the way.

We’re From Here

If the home is truly where the heart is, then you know you’ll be at home with Samba Moving. Everyone who works with us is a local New Yorker and knows the streets of New York City, not to mention building and parking regulations, inside and out.

Customer Focused

So many large NYC moving companies are all about volume, but we’re much more concerned with customer satisfaction. If even one client is dissatisfied, it ruins our day. Our sole focus is helping to make your move simple and memorable, in a good way!

Competitive & Transparent Pricing

One of the biggest complaints we hear about the moving industry is that the pricing is arbitrary and changes without notice. Samba Moving will always quote you a transparent flat rate for your move, including all charges and no last-minute fees, that won’t change.

Licensed, Insured & Bonded

You can feel safe entrusting your move to Samba Moving as we’re fully licensed, insured for every eventuality, and bonded, assuring we deliver the service we promise.

Experienced & Trained

Our full-time staff has been with us for years and is highly experienced in making all kinds of moves. Everyone who joins Samba Moving is fully trained to protect your office or retail space, and pack, load, and move your belongings so they arrive safely.

Friendly & Professional

At Samba Moving we are proud to employ employees who are experienced, professional, and friendly, making your move much less stressful and maybe even…fun!

Fleet to Accommodate Any Size Move

Moves come in many sizes and so do our trucks. We operate a fleet of safe, clean, and reliable trucks and vans that can accommodate any size or type of move.

Fully Equipped

Moving offices requires specialized equipment to transport heavy boxes, furniture, and office machinery. We will arrive with all of the proper equipment to handle any size office move including dollies, desk lifts, sliding pads, and tie-downs.

Total Protection

Our movers are specially trained to protect your office floors, door frames, walls, and even elevators so you don’t get dinged after moving. They will cover the walls, wrap furniture, wheel out large pieces, and take all necessary precautions to safeguard your workplace.

Background Checked

All Samba Moving employees are full-time, providing them with a sense of pride and satisfaction in their work that part-timers might not possess. And during these uncertain times, we make sure they are also fully vaccinated, ensuring you feel safe having them in your offices.


Your time is precious, so our movers make it a priority to always show up on time and ready to go!

Handled with Care

We know how important your business is to you, so we put our heart into your move, ensuring everything stays safe during your move.

Flexible Scheduling

When it comes to moving offices, it’s important to move during off-hours so business isn’t disrupted. Samba Moving is flexible in its scheduling so we can utilize nights and weekends to get your business back up and running that much faster.

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