Professional Piano Movers in New York City

It takes expert handling to safely move pianos and other fine instruments, but you can trust Samba Moving’s professional piano moving services to protect your investment.

The Best Piano Movers in NYC

Moving a piano into or out of a New York City apartment is challenging, but the expert piano movers at Samba Moving know how to move a piano safely and securely. Staircases, elevator restrictions, and parking guidelines are obstacles we navigate every day to move all types of pianos from one place to another. We also provide secure, climate controlled piano storage when needed.

As your trusted New York City piano movers, we provide professional packing services so that it sustains no harm during transport. Contact us for a free quote and find out how affordable professional piano movers can be. We can even help with shipping your instrument long distance or regular moves for scheduled performances. Whether you are moving a piano to your new home or performance venue, your search for “local piano movers near me” has brought you to the most trusted team in the area.

Piano Movers in NYC
Professional Piano Movers

Professional Piano Movers with Heart

With years of experience navigating the five boroughs, New York State, and the tri-state area, Samba is the most trusted piano movers in NYC. Our customer testimonials outline the care and quality of our piano moving services. There is no one in the New York City area that can make you feel safer moving your prized instrument than our pros, and you can get a piano moving estimate quickly by providing just a little information with our free quote form.

Piano Moving Services for Upright Pianos

The construction of upright pianos, spinets, consoles, and studio uprights makes them lighter but more compact. While they may be easier to maneuver in a staircase and fit into a truck, these are delicate instruments that must be kept upright or disassembled for moving. We understand how to pack and move an upright piano and can provide safe piano storage during the moving process.

Your Trusted Grand Piano Moving Company

Grand pianos require custom care and experienced piano movers who take the utmost care to protect your instrument. With safe packaging and the best moving equipment, Samba professional piano movers will properly transport grand pianos, petite grand pianos, baby grand pianos, parlor grands, and even ballroom or concert grand pianos so that they arrive in perfect condition.

Moving a piano of this size requires removing certain parts and reassembling them when they arrive at your new home or venue. Samba’s skilled piano movers will remove the lid, lyre, and legs as needed, and then secure the keyboard and wrap individual pieces. Grand pianos are usually transported on their sides, using a special dolly, and then strapped securely into the moving truck.

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White Glove Piano Movers for Vintage and Antique Pianos

If you have a vintage, specialty, or antique piano to move, get a free quote from Samba before you search for piano movers near me. There are many advertised piano movers in NYC, but when it comes to these delicate instruments, you want only the best specialized equipment and knowledgeable piano movers who understand how to package, partially disassemble, and reassemble your piano at its destination.

Do you have other fragile items, artwork, or antiques that need this same level of care? Samba Moving provides white glove level service for all your fine collectables, sculptures, paintings, wine collections, and furniture, as well as secure long term storage in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.

Specialized Piano Moving Services from Samba

Samba is a trusted piano moving company for local and long distance moves across the U.S. In order to provide you an accurate quote and keep your piano moving costs within your budget, we offer optional services and transparent pricing. Your shipment will arrive on your scheduled delivery dates without extra fees or unexpected additional costs.

Local Piano Moves

Samba’s local piano movers know how to manage the complexities of moving in and around New York City and the Tri-State area. Whether you’re relocating the smallest of uprights or a 1000-lb concert grand, our teams take the utmost care to dismantle delicate parts, wrap and pad the piano, load it onto the truck, and transport it smoothly for complete peace of mind for your local moves.

Long-Distance Piano Moves

Many challenges face piano movers in NYC, but moving a piano across the U.S. requires additional care and expertise. Changes in temperature and humidity can affect a piano during long distance moves to or from other climates.

Samba Moving uses climate controlled vehicles that minimize the environmental changes that can damage or even crack a piano board on a cross country move. Depending on the type and weight of the piano, we will determine ahead of time what specialized equipment and packing materials will be needed to navigate flights of stairs and safely load and unload your piano on moving day.

Piano Moving Services from Samba
Dismantling and Wrapping Pianos for Transport

Dismantling and Wrapping Pianos for Transport

Did you know that the average piano has up to 10,000 parts? Our piano movers in NYC are specially trained in how to dismantle every type of piano, properly label the pieces, wrap each part, and then reassemble it all at your new destination.

Once we have removed the lid, legs, and lyre, as necessary, we will wrap and pad the body to avoid dings. Once the piano is on the truck, we’ll secure it with straps to prevent movement during transit. After its journey, you can rest assured that it will be properly reassembled and ready for tuning.

Secure and Climate Controlled Piano Storage

During a planned move or short-term residence, you may need piano storage services that you can trust with your investment. Piano storage is an often forgotten part of your moving budget. Samba Moving has a secure, monitored piano storage facility that is climate and humidity controlled to prevent cracking and warping of your fine instrument. Your piano will be securely wrapped in padding and plastic during its time in storage and can be delivered to your desired destination when you are prepared for its arrival.

Reasons to Trust Your Piano Move to Samba Moving

You can trust any kind of piano to the expert team at Samba Moving. Steinway, Baldwin, Bechstein, Yamaha, Blunther, Bosendorfer, Boston, Kawai, Fazioli, Hoffman, or Mason & Hamlin, we are experts in moving all kinds of musical instruments. Get a free estimate of your piano moving costs today, and find out how our caring customer service will win your business.

Experienced & Trained Piano Movers in NYC

A piano is an expensive investment and requires an experienced, well-trained team to move it correctly. Samba Moving has been handling piano moves for more than a decade and understands the subtleties and nuances of transporting each type. Whether yours is a family upright or performance-quality baby grand, you can trust that it is in expert hands.

Competitive and Transparent Pricing

Samba Moving offers competitive 100% transparent pricing, 100% of the time. Call us today for a free estimate on moving your piano from NYC to its new home. We offer a flat fee quote and honor your estimate, rather than charging you an hourly rate.

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Proper Equipment and Materials

Piano moves require specialized equipment like wide base piano dollies, padding, floor protection, ramps, hydraulic lifts, and more. The quality of the packing materials makes all the difference in transporting a delicate musical instrument. Some pianos, like antiques, require extra protection during a move. Samba Moving specializes in building custom crating to protect even the most fragile, unusually shaped pieces.

Licensed, Insured, and Bonded

Know that your piano is in good hands with Samba Moving. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to cover any unforeseen damages that could potentially occur along the way. Not only are our crews specialists in what they do, but they’re also friendly and professional at all times, making your piano moving experience that much more pleasant.

Find Out How Samba Movers Will Pamper Your Piano Today

With a free estimate, you can understand your piano moving costs early and schedule the experts at Samba for your piano moving in NYC and beyond. We want to help you keep to your moving budget while enjoying the best possible care for your piano, musical instruments, artwork, and antiques. Whether you need custom crating, multi-story piano moving, or secure piano storage while you move, Samba offers the high-quality handling that your fine instrument deserves.