Facts to Know Before Moving to Washington

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Moving from New York to Washington

Are you ready to trade the bustling streets of New York for the lush evergreens of Washington? A world of contrast awaits, with vast forests, a tech-fueled urban scene, and a laid-back Pacific Northwest vibe replacing the fast-paced rhythm of the Big Apple. Discover a new adventure as you explore Washington’s picturesque mountains and serene coastlines, while embracing the thriving innovation found in cities like Seattle. Allow Samba Moving to be your trusty partner on this exciting journey, offering top-notch long distance moving services tailored for New Yorkers about to call the Evergreen State their new home.

What to Know Before Moving to Washington from New York

Switching from the Big Apple to the Evergreen State may come as a shock to some, but worry not! Washington offers a plethora of exciting experiences waiting to be discovered. From natural beauty to the tantalizing coffee culture, prepare yourself for a new life on the opposite coast with these six must-know tips.

1. Rain Gear is Essential!

Farewell to the iconic yellow umbrellas and a warm welcome to waterproof everything. While New York is not known for its dry atmosphere, Washington takes precipitation to a new level. In Seattle, it rains about 150 days per year, so make sure to stock up on all things water-resistant, from shoes to backpacks. Don’t forget to invest in a high-quality rain jacket, because baby, it’s wet outside!

2. Nature Lovers, Rejoice!

Being surrounded by skyscrapers and honking taxis to snow-capped mountains and lush evergreen forests — talk about a breath of fresh air (literally!). Washington state is home to the stunning Mount Rainier, Olympic National Park, and numerous hiking trails that range from gentle to tough. So, buckle up those hiking boots, ditch the Uber, and start exploring the breathtaking beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

3. Coffee Culture

No self-respecting New Yorker wants to admit it, but Washington just might trump New York in the coffee department. Seattle alone hosts over 800 coffee shops and is home to the original Starbucks. While you sip your cup of morning joe, be sure to take a peek at the local independent coffee roasters, like Victrola and Slate, who are making a name for themselves outside the Starbucks umbrella.

4. A Dog’s Paradise

Calling all dog moms and dads! Prepare to live in a canine wonderland. With a plethora of dog parks, off-leash play areas, and even dog-friendly restaurants, your furry friend will have an equally delightful time in Washington. Don’t miss out on seasonal dog events like the Furry 5k and Oktoberfest Pet Parade!

5. Get in Touch with Your Inner Artist

Washington may not have Broadway, but it sure has a thriving arts scene! From the world-renowned Seattle Art Museum to an abundance of local galleries and performance venues, you’ll find your creative outlet in no time. Keep a lookout for public art installations throughout the city, like the famous Fremont Troll and the “Sonicsgate” mural that celebrates Seattle’s history in professional basketball.

6. Time to Get Fit — The Washington Way

Believe it or not, Washingtonians are some of the most physically active people in the entire country – and with all those outdoor activities at their fingertips, can you blame them? When in Washington, why not give street biking a try or attempt paddleboarding on Lake Washington? With so many options, you’ll never have to step foot in a soul-crushing gym again!

There’s something simply magical about the Evergreen State — and it’s more than just the scenery or the coffee. Making a move from New York City to Washington, expect to be struck by the warm community, dedication to a healthy lifestyle, and unashamedly art-loving people. Sure, you’ll miss the dizzying heights of Manhattan, but you’ll find a new home amidst the towering evergreens and sparkling waters of Washington.

Cost of Moving from NY to WA

The average cost of moving from New York to Washington is approximately $2,000 to $6,000. However, the actual cost can vary depending on several factors, making your move potentially more or less expensive. Some of the factors that may affect your moving cost include:

  • Time of year: Moving companies are usually busier during the summer months and thus, may charge more during peak season. Planning your move during the off-season could help you save on moving expenses.
  • Scope of moving services: The more services you require from a moving company – such as packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking – the higher the overall cost will be. If you can handle some of these tasks yourself, you could potentially lower your moving expenses.
  • Size of move: The volume of your belongings significantly impacts your moving costs. A larger move will require more resources and time from the moving company, resulting in a higher cost.
  • Distance of move: The farther away your destination, the more fuel and time will be needed for transportation, which can increase the cost of your move.

Considering all these factors can help you better estimate the cost of your move from New York to Washington. To get a more accurate quote, request a free interstate moving quote from the professionals at Samba Moving, a NYC-based moving company, and enjoy a seamless relocation experience.

Hire Professional Movers for Your New York to Washington Move

At Samba Moving, we understand that relocating from New York to Washington can be a daunting and stressful experience, which is why our professional interstate moving services are designed to make your move as smooth and hassle-free as possible. As a fully licensed and insured professional moving company, we have a team of experienced movers who have the knowledge and expertise to efficiently transport your belongings across state lines with the utmost care and precision. Choosing Samba Moving means you can have full confidence in our services, knowing that we abide by federal regulations and industry best practices, ensuring the protection of your belongings and peace of mind during this significant transition.

One of the key benefits of using a professional mover like Samba Moving is our customized moving plan, tailored specifically to your unique needs and requirements. From packing your items with high-quality materials to coordinating the transportation logistics, our trained moving professionals will take care of every aspect of your move from inception to completion. Furthermore, our advanced tracking system allows you to monitor the progress and location of your belongings at any point, giving you complete visibility and control over the moving process.

When embarking on a life-changing move from New York to Washington, entrusting your valued possessions to a licensed and insured professional mover like Samba Moving will not only save you time and effort, but also provide peace of mind and security in knowing that your belongings will arrive safely and efficiently at your new destination. Together, we can make your interstate move a seamless and enjoyable experience.

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